Heather Monahan’s New Book


In a world full of embellished social media profiles, fake news, Instagram filters, and people who are filthy rich and infinitely famous (for contributing absolutely nothing to this world), it’s hard to distinguish what’s “real” anymore. That’s just one of the reasons why Heather Monahan’s voice is so refreshing, relevant and relatable right now. She approaches “Overcome Your Villains”, much like her last book, with an astonishing amount of humility, humbleness, candor, and connection to the audience.

Monahan isn’t trying to put on a façade- instead, she introduces her “Beliefs, Actions and Knowledge” formula by exposing moments from her past that most of us would never dare to publicly address. Yet, she does so in a way which doesn’t make her a victim and doesn’t try to establish herself as our savior. In contrast to a “Villain,” you come out of this experience with Heather believing that she is your champion and the kind of person you’d love to be your best friend. More importantly, she demonstrates the importance of self-respect, self-love and owning your own destiny.

>For many of us (yours truly included), the memories of Villains past and present is a painful one. The truly debilitating realization, however, comes when you discover that your most influential Villain is yourself. But just like the best friend we’ve always hoped for, Heather isn’t going to let us wallow in our self-pity. Instead, she calls for quick and decisive action. Yes, unfair things happen to good people, and there are times when it looks like the sociopaths rule the world. But Monahan empowers us to turn the tables on self-limiting beliefs and our antagonists, thereby taking back our power and becoming the best, most “real” version of ourselves we can be. And there is really nothing more meaningful in life than that.”